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#1251:  Just Right E-Covers

Just Right E-Covers
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It seems that every time you turn around there is a new Electronic Tablet.
Enter the "Just Right E-Covers" pattern. The pattern contains formulas that
you enter in the length, width and thickness and you can calculate the measurements
to make your cover. Don't worry, we also provide an online calculator
that will calculate the measurements for you.
The outside cover is easily folded so that it can be used as a stand for easy
viewing and typing.
You can make your cover to be Portrait (length longer than width) or Landscape
(length shorter than width).
This pattern is a paper version that will be
shipped to the address you provide via
US Postal Service or UPS.
This pattern is a PDF version. An email will
be sent to the email address you provide with
download instructions.
Requires a computer, a printer and PDF viewing
software such as Adobe Reader.
No shipping or handling charges.